Brent Pierce
Founder and CEO | Pierce Investment Partners


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Brent Pierce is a international businessman who has over 35 years experience in start up business venture development. His multifaceted experience spans “hands on” business operations with a focus on private enterprise start ups, finance, corporate mergers and acquisitions, as well as knowledge of public markets. Over Mr. Pierce’s career, he has developed strong investment banking relationships that extend through North America and Europe.

Never afraid to roll up his sleeves to get a job done, Mr. Pierce has a deep rooted understanding of operations development from the ground up that results in practical business solutions. His no-nonsense, hands on approach is combined with an overwhelming desire to obtain performance from any specific business dynamic and makes for a successful and winning combination. Situation specific innovation and making changes quickly when performance is not forthcoming are other strengths of his management style. These attributes have been applied to literally hundreds of businesses during his career and has resulted in innumerable projects he has developed. Many who know him closely realize his multiple successes and prolific nature more resemble the life work of a team of successful businessmen rather than one.

Brent’s career corporate projects developed have concentrated on primary minerals resource exploration concentrating on, the precious metals (gold, silver, and pgm) and industrial elements (copper, zinc, uranium sectors), as well as oil and gas exploration and project development. He has also engaged in special situation and local projects such as biotech, restaurant and hospitality development, wineries, and real estate development.


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